Chinese SEO

The way the Chinese people use the Internet is totally different from what we know in Western countries. The major players in the Chinese Internet are neither Google, Facebook, nor even Amazon (although present to some degree).

If you want to reach the Chinese public (more than 829 million Internet users at the end of 2018*), you will have to adapt….

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Based in Shenzhen, we have direct access to Chinese companies specialized in SEO. That’s why we can offer you an affordable and efficient service!

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The data shown above are from the Statcounter website


( Annual Packages)

Don’t take any risks! When you subscribe to one of our packages, you get a credit equivalent to the amount paid. The credit is settled by day. If for any reason you do not appear on the first page of the results for your key expressions, we will not take any of your credit. You pay by results. For more information, please refer to the FAQ section.

PC SEO Packages


1,3 /day /key expression (KE)
  • Up to 100 KE
  • Baidu


3,4 /day /key expression (KE)
  • Up to 200 KE
  • Baidu: 2€
  • 360 (Haosou): 0.70€
  • Sogou: 0.70€

Forfaits SEO Mobile


1,2 /day /key expression (KE)
  • Up to 100 KE
  • Baidu


2,7 /day /key expression (KE)
  • Up to 200 KE
  • Baidu: 1.30€
  • 360 (Haosou): 0.70€
  • Sogou: 0.70€

Forfaits SEO Business

(PC & Mobile)


2,5 /day /key expression (KE)
  • Versions PC et Mobile
  • Up to 100 KE
  • Baidu


5,9 /day /key expression (KE)
  • Versions PC et Mobile
  • Up to 200 KE
  • Baidu: 3.30€
  • 360 (Haosou): 1.30€
  • Sogou: 1.30€


Questions fréquemment posées

The key expression refers to the word(s) typed in the search engine’s search bar. Chinese search engines work differently from Western search engines. Chinese words are not spaced out and may consist of one or more characters. This is why we talk about key expressions and not keywords. For example, “restaurant” = one key expression “; “vegetarian restaurant” = one key expression ; “shenzhen vegetarian restaurant” = one key expression …

Of course, the more precise a key expression is, the more likely it is to appear in search engine results.

There’s a delicate balance to be found…

Let’s illustrate our point: Suppose you run a hotel in Nice (France) and you want to expand your market to include Chinese guests…

It will be better to avoid too generic expressions. They may never appear in the first pages and even if they did, a majority of the public would not be interested.

For example, if you select “酒店” (hotel) as a key expression, it is unlikely to appear like that on the front page all of a sudden. We’re efficient, but we’re not magicians or hackers… And anyway, it’s unlikely that your target audience would just type “hotel” in the search bar, right?

On the other hand, if you choose “Nice酒店”; “尼斯酒店” (Nice hotel); “法国Nice酒店”…, you will have a much better chance of reaching your audience. Of course, these key expression must appear on your web pages.

On the other hand, it’s better to avoid expressions that are too precise… so precise that there’s very little chance that someone will actually type it into their search engine. Then yes, the result will easily appear on the first page. But if no one types that phrase, you’ll be using your credit for nothing.

In any case, we will guide you in the choice of your expressions once we have analyzed your site.

Of course, it all depends on the relevance and the number of your key expressions, the competition in your sector of activity… To simplify, let’s estimate that every day, 5 of your key expressions are on the first page:

In a case like this, in one year you will have spent..:

  • PC SEO package (Basic) 2373€

    5 expressions on the first page on Baidu (PC support)

  • PC SEO Package (Pro) 6205€

    5 expressions on the first page on Baidu, on 360, and on Sogou (PC support)

  • Mobile SEO package (Basic) 2190€

    5 expressions on the first page on Baidu (mobile support)

  • Mobile SEO package (Pro) 4928€

    5 expressions on the first page on Baidu, on 360, and on Sogou (mobile support)

  • Business SEO Package (Basic) 4563€

    5 expressions on the first page on Baidu on all media

  • Business SEO Package (Pro) 10768€

    5 expressions on the first page on Baidu, on 360, and on Sogou on all media

You understand that to optimize your SEO, you will need to choose your key phrases carefully, and not multiply them unnecessarily.

For a completed site and for key expressions that meets the above criteria, it usually takes about a month to get a site on the first page.